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Fun&Fit Dance
Where Dance Meets Fitness.
Stretch. Strengthen. Lengthen. Tone. Learn

Fun&Fit Dance is a dance and exercise program that combines elements of dance and fitness with specific movements and choreography. The structure of each class is designed to work, motivate, and excite each student, and to provide a great workout. The goal of the program is to make every person leave the class feeling like she has done something beneficial for not only her body, but for herself. No dance experience necessary!
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​Fun&Fit ​offers four different 50 minute classes:
A strength building, and toning full body work out. Designed around true ballet form and technique. Enhance your posture, balance, flexibility, and so much more.

This is where we move! A fun, high energy class meant to leave you sweaty, and happy!

Barre Stretch:
A slowed down version of our BalletBarre. Here we focus primarily on flexibility, and isometric exercise (holding positions). Your body needs to stretch in order to perform at your highest ability.

Beginning Ballet:
A structured ballet class. Barre, center, across the floor, and choreography are incorporated in this class. Back to ballet basics!

Schedule: Newton Studio

8:30am BalletBarre
9:30am DanceCardio

8:30am BalletBarre
9:30am Beginning Ballet

8:30am DanceCardio
9:30am Barre Stretch
6:00pm BalletBarre

8:30am BalletBarre
9:30am DanceCardio

8:30am BalletBarre
9:30am BalletBarre

Students take any classes they like, whenever they like, however you must
SIGN-UP for any classes you would like to join. To do so please email our instructor Gemma prior to class time ( or contact for any questions/inquiries.

First Class $10
Single Class $15
2-ClassCard $25
10-ClassCard $100 (30 day exp.)
10-ClassCard $120 (60 day exp.)

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