Medfield Studio 2017-2018 Schedule
Newton Studio 2017-2018 Schedule

If you would like more information on our 2017-2018 Season, please fill out the New Student Information Form.
Please note that all class placements are determined by the director after a personal interview, so that we may ensure the best possible placement for the growth, development, and enjoyment of each of our dancers.

For an appointment, please call:
Newton Studio: Paulette at (781) 444-4057, Monday-Friday, between 8:00 and 10:00AM.
Medfield Studio: Alicia at (508) 359-5192.

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Ballet (ages 5 and up)

For over fifty years, this program has been one of the finest and most successful of its kind in the country. All students at Paulette’s Ballet Studio are required to take ballet, based on the philosophy that ballet provides a solid foundation for all other forms of dance. It also forms the basis for discipline, creativity, and appreciation of dance as an art form. In an atmosphere of encouragement and fun, students are motivated to strive for excellence in technique, grace, and poise with additional emphasis on strength, energy, and athleticism.

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Jazz (ages 8 and up)
When classical ballet training is to a point where additional dance technique would be beneficial, Jazz is recommended to develop style, strength, and versatility. Students are encouraged to explore the many styles that comprise this original 20th Century American art form, including: Classical, Broadway, Lyrical, Character, Blues, Latin, Rock and Roll, Swing and Funk.

The importance of ballet training continues to be stressed, as it provides a solid understanding of dance principles, knowledge of dance vocabulary, and promotes the proper execution of related dance techniques. Classes are structured around proper warm-up, across-the-floor progressions and combinations, center-floor technique and combinations, and performance skills and routines.

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Tap (ages 7 and up)
Tap training enhances rhythmic dynamics, speed, and agility. More than another dance form, tap instills in the dancer an awareness of the music; its timing, rythmn and changes in energy.

Traditional and contemporary tap styles are taught, with a focus on total body movement, technical correctness, and performance quality. An understanding of musical theory is developed, as among dance forms, tap is probably the most intricately tied to the exact counts of the music.

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Pointe (approx. 10 years old and up, by recommendation of the director)
Students are invited to take pointe when their strength and technical achievement reaches a level where the additional challenge would benefit their classical ballet training. Pointe is for serious students who are willing to practice daily, and enjoys that special effort that makes pointe a very exciting dance form.

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Hip-Hop (ages 8 and up)
Hip Hop is to today’s generation what the Jitterbug and Swing were to the late 40’s and 50’s and the Black Bottom and the Charleston were to the 1920’s and Jitterbug. It is a highly stylized, fast paced athletic and expressive form of jazz dance. Our classes tress jazz technique and discipline, yet encourage individual style, energy and interpretation. Jazz sneakers and pants are worn with traditional dancewear.

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Modern (ages 8 and up)
A blend of Ballet and Jazz with an emphasis on free expression, improvisation, and dramatic movement, dancers are introduced to this highly individualized, psychologically expressive form of dance.

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Mom and Me (ages 2.5 – 3.5)
Children ages 2.5 to 3.5 attend class with Mom or other adult participating. An informal class including movement, rhythm, and counting. We work toward following directions, working with a group, and acquiring skills necessary to perform in a group (for example, waiting their turns). This class is a great starting point prior to taking pre-ballet.

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Pre-Ballet (ages 3 – 4)
This program is designed to introduce mature 3 year olds and young girls of 4 the language and style of ballet. We take wonderful advantage of their great flexibility at this age to have them learn the concepts of turning out, pointing toes, standing tall, enjoying music and rhythm and developing motor skills while thoroughly enjoying moving to piano accompaniment. The joy of discovering all the wonderful moves their body can make at this early age, teaches and inspires the young dancer to learn more every day.

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Baby Ballerinas (ages 3 – 4)
Introduction to movement, music, and pre-ballet technique for children ages 3 to 4, all delivered in a fun, nurturing atmosphere.

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Adult Classes (college age and up)

Tap – Mondays 6:30-7:00PM
Ballet/Jazz Combo – Mondays 7:00-8:00PM

For more information, please call the Newton studio. 617-527-9565.


For more information please call the Medfield studio, 508-359-5192.

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Irish Step Dancing

Irish Step Dancing classes are offered through the Sullivan School of Irish Step Dancing. Clare Sullivan has rented space at our Newton Studio for more than 15 years and teaches Irish Step Dancing to all ages.

For more information, please call Clare at 781-275-5990.

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