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Admission Policy

  1. Acceptance is by the SEASON ONLY (September through May).
  2. All students study ballet.
  3. All students must be properly attired with Studio Dress Code ONLY.  Hair in a bun and long bangs tied back.
  4. All students must attend every class and arrive on time.
  5. All students participate in the Spring Concert.
  6. Absences are considered excused based on medical or serious, personal reasons (sports and extracurricular activities – nonexcusable).  Excused absences may be made-up in a class appropriate for the dancer, approved by DIRECTOR.  Please notify studio before an absence.
  7. Withdrawal is by mutual consent and only after written notification to DIRECTOR.  The date of notification, not date of absence, is considered the departure date.
  8. By registering with us, you give permission for the public display, in studio, in print, in advertisements, and on the website/etc., of any Studio photographs that may include registered dancer.

Tuition Policy

  1. A non-refundable Registration Fee is due and payable upon registration.
  2. Season tuition is payable in ADVANCE at registration.  An optional three-installment plan is available (due IN ADVANCE on or before the first lesson in September, December, and March).  Tuition is non-refundable.  Students are admitted to the Studio on the basis of this Tuition Policy.
  3. Invoices are sent to DELINQUENT accounts ONLY, with an additional monthly late service charge.
  4. All lessons are to be paid whether student is present or not.
  5. A non-refundable Costume Deposit (per class) for the Spring Concert is due in November.  A monthly late service charge will apply after November 30.
  6. No student will be admitted with any unpaid balances.

(Pay on time to avoid the Late Service Charge)

Photo/Likeness Policy
Paulette’s Ballet Studio may publish photos and/or videos in which my child appears on its website and in its promotional and advertising materials.

All class placements are determined by Paulette’s Ballet Studio.

Paulette’s Ballet Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen articles at the studio or theatre.

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